Exclusive: MAD Magazine's Dumbest Person of 2008

As promised in my revelation last week, the usual gang of idiots over at MAD Magazine have allowed me to exclusively unveil to Huffington Post readers (and the world) who the dumbest person of 2008 is. And for the magazine that employs someone as preposterously stupid as Alfred E. Neuman to say that someone is the dumbest person of the year, it means something.

But their choice really can't come as any surprise. so, without further ado, here she is. The dumbest person of 2008:

(Obviously, you should click for a larger version, half the jokes are in the fine print...)

I doubt there are many who could conceivably argue with their choice. And if there's one thing the guys at MAD are experts in, it's dumb. (Though I think if they'd have waited just a little longer, the Governor of Illinois might have found his way on the list....)

For the completed list, be sure to check out the issue of MAD that hits stands December 16th.

(Bryan Young is the producer of Killer at Large and writes about geek issues on Big Shiny Robot!)

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