Exclusive Interview With Jordan Kleiman, Label Manager of All Good Records

The Geek x VRV

The rise of the boutique record label is redefining how music is distributed. Labels such as All Good Records are providing stability without sacrificing artistic freedom and intimacy. In my interview with Jordan Kleiman, we discuss the history of All Good Records as well as mission statements, signed artists and much more.

Morena: When and how was All Good Records founded?

Jordan: Officially, All Good Records launched in January 2015. The idea was formerly birthed sometime over drinks in Brooklyn, while GRiZ was on tour at the end of 2013. However, even before that, Grant (GRiZ) had already began networking within our close community of artists and set the proper gears in motion to bring this team together.

Morena: What genres of music does the label most prominently feature? Who are some of the label's most popular artists?

Jordan: While we're trying our best to never be categorized as one specific genre, I'd have to say we lie in the realm of electronic funk and soul. Regardless of genre, we operate at the amazing intersection where live instruments and electronic production collide. There is a huge spectrum of sounds that can come out of that space, we intend to explore new territories over time and challenge our fan-base to explore new vibes with us.

While GRiZ is the biggest artist on our roster, I'd rather not rank them by size or popularity. One fan might prefer SunSquabi, another Manic Focus or The Geek x VRV. That being said, it's definitely not worth nothing that The Floozies are also headlining their own show at Red Rocks later this year. Proud of those guys.

Morena: What is your company and group's mission statement?

Jordan: We have a mantra that we like to represent, 'Motown soul, funky vibes, and anything on the forefront of sound.' That last part there let's us be a little flexible, but we're really just trying to be a refreshing change of pace within the music industry. It's important to us to make our music as accessible as possible, even gladly offering it up for free.

Lastly, we try to represent more of a family at All Good Records. It's about the community. If we're bringing an artist into this space, it's because we deeply believe in them and their abilities. We want to be able to set that artist up for a more long term success.

Morena: Tell me about a big project All Good Records is currently working on.

Jordan: The new EP from The Geek x VRV is one of our bigger projects at the moment. It's the first time we've worked hands on with an act from Paris. Having to go through the ordeals planning and strategizing with a team half way across the planet. Different time zones, language barriers, obtaining visa documents, etc. It's been a great experience for our team.

We recently launched a radio program, aptly titled, All Good Radio. Each month a different producer or DJ, whether from our label or extended network, putting together 60 minutes of unique and original music programming. We've had a great response thus far and we're very excited with where it's going.

Morena: Are there any big All Good Records events coming up, particularly in the festival circuit?

Jordan: We were fortunate to work on a curated event at Electric Forest, coming up at the end of June. Officially, we're just doing a showcase at one of the smaller stages, The Observatory, but we have a lot of activities planned throughout the weekend to treat our fan-base and make it a very special experience.

We started throwing our own monthly parties in Detroit called the 'All Good Family Affair.' The first two events were jam-packed at these warehouses that ran until five in the morning. Tons of special guests and surprise performances, great vibes. We're getting ready to announce the next few Family Affairs and it's going to be a great summer in Detroit.

Morena: What kind of new acts or projects can fans expect from All Good Records this year?

Jordan: A lot of the bigger artists on our roster (GRIZ, The Floozies, Manic Focus) are currently cranking away on new material. We're putting out a compilation record later this season, styled as more of a 'summer vibes' type project. Ten original songs from ten up-and-coming producers we've really been digging. The compilation is a great opportunity to properly introduce a variety of new artists to our family.

Lastly, there is a really great new act out of Detroit called Gosh Pith who we're going to be bringing into the fold more over the next year. They're really unique and special, honored to be working with them.

Morena: What's something you are really excited about right now, be it music, artists, festivals, foods, hobbies, anything?

Jordan: Aside from Electric Forest, we're really excited for GRIZ's upcoming headline show at Navy Pier. It's the biggest GRiZ show to date and we're going to pull out all the stops. Chicago has always been a very supportive market and feel it only right to show them something proper.

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Be sure to check out All Good Records' newest release, The Origami EP by The Geek x VRV, out now! A unique mixture of viscous bass sounds, hip hop, R&B and funk, the 6-track album oozes straight from the minds of Paris' Axel Rondeau and Vincent Teoule. They will be heading to the United States for a supporting tour featuring stops at Low End Theory, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Knitting Factory and Electric Forest.