Exclusive: MAD Magazine on Spitzer and Weiner

The usual gang of idiots over at MAD Magazine have once again set their sights on the dumbest things of the year. 2013 had quite a few dumb things take place in it and, as ever, MAD took aim at political absurdities.

This week, they gave us an exclusive look at #3 on their list of the "20 Dumbest Things of 2013."

And who can argue with a piece entitled "Wangs of New York?"


Good ol' MAD... Always good for a laugh.

The issue this appears in hits newsstands December 17th. You can forgo the newsstand (do they even still have those?) and get a subscription, thereby allowing Alfred E. Neuman to deliver idiocy right to your house. Or possibly a flaming bag of poo. Knowing those guys at MAD, probably both.

Bryan Young is an author and is the editor of the geek news and review site Big Shiny Robot!