Exclusive Music Video Premiere: “Gold Coast Dreaming” – Electrifying, Superb Music From Pet Fangs

Pet Fangs release the music video for “Gold Coast Dreaming” today. And it’s lit! Huff Post has it first, right here, right now. Hailing from South Louisiana, Pet Fangs began when brothers Joe and David Stark put together a band. The duo was called Baby Bee and signed with Republic Records. Before long, Jory Cordy and Ben Alleman were added to the lineup. Making music by a doctrine which proscribed active or intentional adherence to rules, Baby Bee dissolved and reincarnated as Pet Fangs.

The band calls their sound “garage pop,” a blend of pop and electronic elements dosed heavily with sonic exploitation, manipulation and experimentation. In other words, a sound unbound by rules and preprogrammed directives.

“Gold Coast Dreaming” starts off with a mixture of Twilight Zone-ish sound effects, followed by an eerie sounding synth, a rock solid groove with an attendant hefty bassline that thrums intensely. The melody oozes elements of dreamy space pop, R&B and new wave riding on an electronic rhythm of streamlined organics. Imagine David Bowie crossed with Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy” and you’ll have an inkling of what they sound like. The tune exudes cool, smooth-textured energy, along with almost palpable resolves. The vocals deliver chilled pyrotechnics with a hyper-civilized lozenge of stylish, aloof flamboyance. And when the vocalist goes all falsetto, it’s akin to logarithmic spirals ascending up your spine. The chorus bristles with sonic luminosity from the layered harmonics of the synth and guitar. Taken as whole, the song is spellbindingly superb.

The lyrics exhibit a surreal alt-dot avant garde flavor, like low level broad-spectrum input.

“I been walking and a talking like I’m sure as shit / Gonna keep it straight falling when my ship comes in / You just keep me knowing / Silver lining’s glowing / So close I can fake it / Fake it till I make it / Keep my gold coast dreaming / Gold coast dreaming.”

The video was directed by Pet Fangs’ Jory Cordy, who explains the concept like this: "People like to ask what music videos are about, and love to tell you some shit like I don't get it. I agree, I don't have any clue what it's about. We like to be in front of the camera, that's obvious. Our bandmate Ben couldn't make it to the video shoot because he was in Brussels or some shit. We don't ever know where he is. So we put him in the trunk of our Mercedes on a TV we bought from St Vincent de Paul, and now he's in the video. We used some footage he video-taped of himself running around and falling on the ground and we laugh a lot at it. It looks like he's trapped in some upside down dimension running from Bruce Willis.”

Shot in black and white, with color segments strategically inserted, essentially the video presents a highly stylized ambiance of chic mediation. The vibe emanated is fashionably sophisticated, chock-full of eddies of imperturbable à la mode semiotics.

Pet Fangs have it going on in beau coup bundles! “Gold Coast Dreaming” has it all: cool vibes, a contagious throbbing melody and goosed up resonant vocals. It’s sensual, dangerous and exotic, all at the same time. Don’t miss this one!

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