Exclusive Music Video Premiere: “Wrong” – Sizzling Electropop From MaWayy

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: “Wrong” – Sizzling Electropop From MaWayy
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The debut music video from MaWayy is called “Wrong.” And it’s ooh la la! Huff Post has it first, right here, right now. MaWayy is made up of two talented musicians who live on opposite sides of the world: Emmy Award winner Brian Wayy and Masoud Fuladi. Wayy resides in Los Angeles, while Masoud, aka Caspian Beat, lives in Bandar-e-Azali, where he reigns over electronic music in Iran.

Stylistically, MaWayy’s sound is best described as electropop, with elements of electronic dance music, synth-pop, hip hop and R&B running through it, although the emphasis on hard electronic sounds is mitigated a bit. Masoud’s influence on MaWayy’s sound is evident in the EDM flavor conveyed in the melody.

“Wrong” starts off with an exotic synth that segues into a brief orchestral-sounding arrangement as the electronic beat sets in. The groove exhibits layered percussive elements that work well as they propel the beat forward. The melody rides on the synth and emanates the relentless progression of electronic dance music, along with the free-flowing arc of hip hop. Unlike most EDM music, the bassline doesn’t overwhelm the melody. This allows the melody to assume an electropop feel that’s lighter, brighter and hints at sensuality. The hip hop influence affects the verse/chorus flow, as the EDM element subsides during the verse segment, then the electronic element increases as the tune kicks into gear on the chorus. The result is a contagious melody that ebbs and flows, but never pauses, which means it’s easy to dance to.

The vocals emanate a mellifluous essence via a rich, dulcet tenor exuding understated sensuality and longing. Vocal effects include deep hip hop-like interjections and high-pitched vocal reverberations that add depth to the tune. The vocal arrangements demonstrate an erudite musical sensibility for what works and what doesn’t, especially in the implementation of the “less is more” rule. MaWayy avoids the trap of overcooking the background vocals.

The lyrics are simple, yet evocative and personal, and full of great hooks that declare the inherent attraction in doing the wrong thing when it feels so right. “I can’t help the way you make me feel when you touch my body / I don’t know exactly what I need but I know you got it / Don’t need your love / I need your rush / I have to ask myself / Are we doing the wrong thing / Are we doing it all wrong.”

The video, directed by Ali Zamani, is superb. Shot on the Greek island of Santorini, the scenes depict stupendous cliffs, colorful Orthodox churches and the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The video features Bella Cirnski, the gorgeous model from Sweden, as the temptress whose allure cannot be resisted, especially by the target of her wiles, a young man seated in a nightclub. He spends much of his time buried in his cell phone, as he attempts to abstain from temptation. But “resistance is futile,” and he is a willing victim.

“Wrong” is a fantastic song and MaWayy has it going on! Put simply, “Wrong” is so very, very right. Listeners identify with the song on many levels: the memorable, infectious melody; the provocative lyrics; and the mellow flow of the vocals. Every aspect of the tune gets under your skin and burrows its way into your emotions.

Find out more about MaWayy here.

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