EXCLUSIVE Song Premiere: Happy Fangs "Controlled Burn"

The 9th track on the Happy Fangs debut full-length album Capricorn, set to release on January 27th, 2015, "Controlled Burn" is pure raw energy and powerful vocals with a sexy edge in a free-for-all of creative styles blending perfectly together. Produced and engineered by Lance Jackman at The Dock Studio, Capricorn is the result of a band that decided to "not hesitate to let everything crash together." Made up of three front-people from other bands, Happy Fangs features Rebecca Bortman on vocals, Michael Cobra on guitar, and Jess Gowrie on drums, three people previously on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of musical style, who managed to turn it into an advantage that created a unique sound. Check out this exclusive sneak peek of their upcoming album:

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