Sorry, Michael Dukakis Fans, He's Not Running

A Twitter campaign isn't enough to convince him to ditch Clinton.

WASHINGTON -- On Friday, something happened on Twitter. Specifically, an account surfaced encouraging 1988 Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis to run again in 2016. 

Could it be? Another potential Democrat in the race? 

The account began tweeting its encouragements to the former Massachusetts governor.

 It started following people (random accounts really, like Cara Delevingne and Shaquille O'Neal). And then, it got even better. Someone on the Internet was selling Dukakis 2016 hats!

They were simple, yes. Just #Dukakis2016 in red, white and blue, on a gray fabric. But at $19.95, it seemed, well, semi-legit. Perhaps a burgeoning campaign fundraising effort?  Perhaps the wariness with Hillary Clinton -- the concern over her email scandal -- was causing not just certifiable panic but outright nostalgia?

Alas, the hope quickly came crashing down. Asked over email if he would be drafted into the race, Dukakis replied, "Absolutely not. Kitty and I are supporting Hillary." 

Womp, womp.