Excuse Me, Pat Robertson, But Why Is God Sending Another Hurricane Towards New Orleans For The Start Of The GOP Convention?

So, I ask these same charlatans, why is God contemplating such a thing?
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Remember all the jackass comments by whackjobs such as Rev. Pat Robertson and Rev. Jerry Falwell on why God sent planes into the World Trade Center on September 11th and why he sent Hurricane Katrina to level New Orleans?

So, I ask these same charlatans, why is God contemplating such a thing?

Planners of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul held emergency conversations Wednesday about what to do if a tropical storm continues on its track as a potential Category 3 hurricane threatening New Orleans.

Gustav’s projected path suggests possible landfall on the convention’s opening day — Labor Day.

The storm could threaten everything from President Bush’s Monday night address to the broader Republican message of effective government management.

Local officials fear a Katrina II — a rerun of the storm that ravished New Orleans and badly damaged Bush’s image.

Update: If I'm not mistaken, President Bush is scheduled to speak at about 8pm on Monday. Think about this for a moment. Here's the latest National Weather Service forecast:

Mark Nickolas is the Managing Editor of Political Base, and this story was from his original post, "Why Would God Do Such A Thing To Republicans?"

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