13 Ridiculous Excuses For Missing Work Show Everybody Can Be Creative

portrait of a man watching tv
portrait of a man watching tv

It might not be uncommon for workers to fake a sick day just to skip work, but some apparently feel the need to get a little more creative, according to a recent study.

In fact, the excuses employees give their bosses for missing work can be so outlandish that 60 percent of managers say they often don't believe the reasons workers give for being absent, according to a survey done in the United Kingdom by British health care provider Benenden Health. Bosses even go so far as to examine workers’ social media accounts to see if they’re telling the truth.

That may seem a little extreme but so are some of the things workers have said just to play hooky, according to the survey. Sex injuries, pet illnesses and boozy late-night high jinks all count as some of the most bizarre excuses bosses in the survey heard from employees.

The last one, however, may be more fact than fiction. A separate economic study in the U.K. found worker-absenteeism rose after bars began staying open later, allowing people to drink more and as one worker in Benenden’s survey put it, fall “asleep on someone’s floor.”

15 Most Bizarre Excuses For Missing Work

(Hat tip: Daily Mail)