What Is This Sport And When Can We Start Playing It?

Is this the genesis of a new sport called "Balley Ball"?

Yes, the sport you're seeing above flows and moves like volleyball, but with giant exercise balls being used instead of hands and forearms. Found on imgur and devoid of further context, nobody at HuffPost Sports has seen anything remotely like this before, but it definitely looks like the most fun gym class activity ever. As far as we know, never has an exercise ball been miscast as a piece of volleyball equipment. 

One imgur commenter posted what he or she believes to be the original video, which is titled in Italian (loosely translated to "the volley with a ball") and has Tupac's "Road to Glory" as background music. This sport just keeps getting better.

Watch and LISTEN:

Amazing, right? To get your mind racing with ideas to create the next great exercise ball sport, here are more GIFs of people doing weird things with giant inflatable exercise balls:  

Don't hurt yourself, though. 


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