The 4 Keys To Starting An Exercise Regimen After 50

4 Great Tips For Starting An Exercise Regimen After 50
portrait of two senior women on ...
portrait of two senior women on ...

Is exercise the best anti-aging remedy? Physical therapist Alice Bell seems to think so. "We simply have to start moving," says Bell, a member of the American Physical Therapy Association. "Sitting is a risk factor for all causes of mortality. People who don't move are at a higher risk for nearly everything." Regular exercise reduces the likelihood and severity of a number of chronic illnesses, Bell explained in an interview with Huff/Post50.

What's more? Working out regularly can cause someone to look and feel 35 at 60 or beyond. Not only does a healthy exercise regimen keep one looking fit and toned, but exercise also carries away free radicals protecting one's skin from acne and wrinkles. In addition, exercise bolsters mental health by enhancing one's mood.

Given all the benefits of exercise, age is no reason not to start right away. Bell has a number of tips for people starting an exercise routine after 50. First of all, she recommends post 50s start realistically remembering to carefully consider the amount of time and energy they can spend on working out as many people who are new to exercise quickly become overwhelmed because they set goals that require an exceedingly high commitment. "If you haven't been exercising, you can get health benefits from just 50 minutes of exercise per week," she says. Other people, Bell explains, don't do enough meaningful exercise and get discouraged when they don't see any benefits.

"It's important to engage in meaningful activity," Bell says. Bell divides "meaningful activity" for post 50s into four key categories of exercise: strengthening, flexibility, aerobics and balance. To learn more about these four key categories and how to incorporate them into your own exercise regimen, flip through the slideshow below. And, for more information on getting in shape after 50, go here.

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