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Exes at the Royal Wedding: Do or Don't?

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The Royal Wedding is approaching!

William, The Hotter Royal Bro Who Now Has an Unfortunate Hairline and Is the Less Hot Brother is getting hitched to Kate Middleton. If you haven't seen Kate Middleton for the Win, I encourage you to look at it now.

More important than all of the brouhaha of sending eight reporters from every news organization to cover Kate's pile of organza and her fruit cake wedding cake (um, EW!?) is the fact that Prince William has invited four of his ex-girlfriends to his wedding. Should you ever invite your exes to your own wedding? Now, it's one thing if you're all besties still years after the fact, and enough time has passed. But am I the only one who thinks this is a little weird? I mostly just feel bad for this quartet because they could've been a PRINCESS.

So they're all going to be sitting together, fanning themselves, recounting the days when they thought they'd become a royal. That majorly sucks. I hope they have good seats and get large pieces of fruitcake.

Second place prize for a Prince William ex: two tickets to London and not having to watch from the 85th row on a jumbotron? (Do they have jumbotrons in England? I feel like they'd have a much more refined name, like Oversized Television Jumper Bollocks.)

Did Kate get to invite her exes? My guess is that they all are just drinking themselves under the table at a pub while eating fish and chips (this is what British people do, no? While also standing around with their hot accents) or high fiving everyone for getting there before Prince William.

This ex-inviting begs the question of how your relationship with an ex (if you want to have one) should proceed post-breakup. How about inviting your ex to a birthday, flipcup tourney, or sorority listserv jello wrestling contest? (Where everyone lobbs insults, not jello, at each other in electronic form.)

I personally often err on the side of staying friends with exes. But I think you need to give a three month window. A 90-day waiting period, if you will, before you decide that you even can be BFFs with your ex. You need space and distance, not to mention if you hang out too soon, you have a 97% change of hooking up again. (FFJD research team spent months on this analysis.)

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