Any Man's Nightmare: Are An Ex-Wife And Ex-Girlfriend Plotting Against This Man?

Nicole and Laura say their ex-husband and ex-boyfriend Rick has left them afraid for their lives. “My ex-husband Rick is dangerous, violent, mean, aggressive,” says Nicole. “Rick has the ability, definitely the ammunition and weaponry, the desire and the will to kill me.”

Laura adds, “I live in fear every day that my ex-boyfriend, Rick, could kill me ... Rick is a monster who has to be stopped.”

But Rick says his exes are spurned lovers who are plotting against him to ruin his life. “Nicole and Laura are complete liars. They’re very violent, very vengeful, conniving and really arrogant,” he says. “Laura is a crazy stalker. When I broke up with Laura permanently, she freaked out. That’s when she took her lies to Nikki.”

Another ex of Rick’s steps in to defend the man she says has always held a special place in her heart. “I was with Rick for a long, long time, and I can tell you right now that he is not an abusive man. He is not anything that these women claim, at all,” she says in the video above.

Nicole fires back to her: “He called you names! He called you Smelly Shelly! He makes fun of you to everyone!”