Exhibition Spotlight: Jennifer Rubell's 'Engagement' of Prince William at Stephen Friedman Gallery

WHO: Jennifer Rubell

WHAT: 'Engagement', an interactive sculptural installation and a series of accompanying paintings.

WHEN: Opening on February 7 (6-8 PM) Show: February 8 - March 12 2011

WHERE: Stephen Friedman Gallery
25-28 Old Burlington Street
London W1S 3AN

WHY: After Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton last November, artist Jennifer Rubell knew plenty of young ladies would be jealous. With the Prince conclusively off the market, Rubell's new exhibition does his many fans a favor, letting the public snuggle right up to the man who will be King. But it also comments on the media's rabid response to the royal engagement; when visitors slip their finger through the extravagant ring attached to the Prince's sleeve, they assume the perfect position for a photo-op.

Inviting the viewer to participate in this fairytale-like coupling, the works engage with a narrative currently at the forefront of public interest, and explore the already iconic mine of imagery that has been borne out of this moment of declaration.

Exhibition Spotlight: Jennifer Rubell's Prince William Exhibit, 'Engagement' At Stephen Friedman Gallery

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