Exhibition Spotlight: Paco Pomet at Monya Rowe Gallery

EXHIBITION SPOTLIGHT: Montaigne's Nightmare by Paco Pomet at Monya Rowe Gallery

WHO: Paco Pomet

WHAT: Montaigne's Nightmare

WHEN: September 10 - November 13, 2010

504 West 22nd Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10011
212 255 5065


Pomet's new series of paintings continues to reference Vintage photographs as the primary source for the subject matter. Subverting the original image by adding a surreal edge allows each painting to oscillate between fiction and reality. In El Becario (2010), a historical picture of a banal office scene is transformed into a witty psychological caricature. A mans face, comically distorted, unabashedly stares at the viewer making it unclear whether the viewer is being ridiculed, or if the artist is ridiculing his own self-awareness. A similar predilection for irony is present in Fable (2010), a vintage photograph (c. 1870) depicting a group of Russian Cossacks proudly showing off their kill (a dead tiger) is turned into a farcical display. Pomet challenges and questions the masculinity associated with hunting by replacing the mens faces with those of carton-like catheads. In doing so, the hunters become submissive, loveable and cute. Pomet uses humor as a vehicle to alter original pictorial motives, and deny its affirmations.

Paco Pomet

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