Seth Curcio, Bradley Hyppa, Benjamin Meyer In 'Pursuing a Calculated Distance' (PHOTOS)

The show "Pursuing a Calculated Distance" with works by Seth Curcio, Bradley Hyppa, and Benjamin Meyer is an exploration of visual perception and the intensely intimate nature of sight. The concepts of each artist work well with one another even though they work across different media. The influence of Cubism and the art of Cezanne are visible to different degrees in the works of each of the artists, most readily apparent in the experimentation with the idea of spacial perception.

The artists explain their interest,

"Visual perception and sensation are intensely personal phenomena and though they can be described, their specific character and qualities remain ultimately unknowable in other people. No one can experience what another human being is experiencing."

Seth Curcio work's are alternately extremely large or quite small, physically demanding attention by the amount of space they consume. One of his works, "Spacial Descent," is made up of twenty different views of the ocean, a piece that can viewed as either partitions or as a whole. Curio offers multiple views of one space, either as a part or as a whole.

Bradley Hyppa works with lights and video, adding an illusory quality to his work. The works are constantly changing, questioning the notion of space as a fixed concept.

Finally Benjamin Meyer works have most obvious Cubist influences, they have an the quality of a quilt or mosaic, flat squares of color are used to create depth.

Seth Curcio, Bradley Hyppa, Benjamin Meyer, "Pursuing A Calculated Distance," The LAB 2948 16th Street San Francisco, Through June 4th.

Exhibition Spotlight: Seth Curcio et al