Jedediah Caesar's Work At Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

WHO: Jedediah Caesar

WHAT: 'Mango Obstruction'

WHERE: Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects
6006 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, California 90232

WHEN: February 5 - March 12, 2011

WHY: Inspired by his accumulation of found objects throughout California, Ceasar's abstract and visceral pieces connect the natural world with the world of found materials. His sculptures suggest natural, rock-like formations, while his choice of materials point to ideas of waste and consumption.

Here Caesar offers books, bricks, murals and animations to extend those projects into elaborate spatial and temporal constructions. The works bleed into one another, but retain their autonomy through their shifting time signatures, from the metronomic repetition of the wall panels to the relentless creep of rusting cast iron. With these experimental forays into unfamiliar media Caesar points to the practice of reading which has been implicit in previous exhibitions.

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