Exit Poll 'Outliers'

For whatever reason, the usual network web sites did not post full tabulations of the exit poll results from last night or at least did not post them in an easily discoverable place. However, for those interested -- and our readers always are -- the New York Times did post full tabulations for the exit polls conducted by Edison Research in New Jersey, Virginia and New York City. [Update: tabulations are also available from CNN and MSNBC].

Also, the following analysts and organizations have posted in-depth analyses of the exit poll results:

  • CBS's Jennifer De Pinto on New Jersey.
  • CBS's Fred Backus on Virginia.
  • Associated Press on Virginia and New Jersey.
  • Politico's Erika Lovely on Virginia and New Jersey.
  • Edison Research's Joe Lenski on New York City.
  • [I'm confident this list is missing similar analysis from other organizations, so please add a comment or email us if you see articles worth linking to].