Exodus International, 'Ex-Gay' Group, Releases Ironically Hilarious Blooper Reel (VIDEO)

Pray The Gay Away Group Releases Blooper Reel That Is, Well, Pretty Fabulous

Well, this is fabulous!

Exodus International, a Christian group that helps "men and women seeking freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction" has released a year-end "Blooper Reel" featuring outtakes from its weekly video series. The over four-minute clip shows Exodus president Alan Chambers and fellow ex-gay Randy Thomas having quite a bit of lighthearted and -- dare we say it -- "gay" fun behind the camera.

At one point, Thomas jokes, "My flannel is blouse-y." It's objectively adorable.

Chambers, who is married to a woman and has children, espouses different strategies for those "struggling" with same-sex attraction, from celibacy to "finding an understanding opposite-sex partner," reports the Associated Press.

Happy New Year, Exodus International!

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