Exotic Dancer Turned Nun To Perform For Catholic Senior Clergy

An Italian exotic dancer has left behind the string bikinis and become a nun, reports Times Online. After leading a life filled with "sex and alcohol," a life-changing experience convinced her to move into a convent and devote her life to teaching "sacred dances," reports Times Online. Anna Nobili, 38, is schedule to perform a ballet dance for Catholic clergy next Tuesday.

Christian Today reports on the ballet-dancing nun planning to perform:

Anna Nobili, 38, for years worked as a lap-dancer and stripper in Milanese night clubs. However after visiting the shrine of St Francis of Assisi in Umbria in 2002, the dancer had a conversion experience and renounced her old life.

Instead of lap-dancing she now performs ballet-style dances which she describes as "Holy Dance".

United Press International explains Sister Nobili's conversion from dancer to religious devotee:

"I was wasting my life dancing for men in clubs. The nights were filled with sex and alcohol. It was an empty life but I liked it because I was the center of attention," she said. "But now my life has been transformed."

The Telegraph has details on the performance scheduled for next week:

She is due to perform in front of senior Catholic clerics next week at the Holy Cross in Jerusalem Basilica, one of Rome's best known churches.

The performance, based on stories from the Old and New Testaments, will be called: "The Bible: Day and Night".

Among the guests expected to attend will be Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, who is in charge of the Vatican's Cultural Department.

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