Exotic Tourist Attractions That Make London A Glamorous City

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Traveling to London as a tourist is exciting and this was a fascinating opportunity to see and do lots of things in the historical city. As it was a well-planned destination for vacation, there were lots of plans including the gardens, history and nightlife. Here are the exotic tourist attractions making London a truly glamorous city. Take a vacation with me here, it begins from the:

EDF London Eye

EDF London Eye is a top-rated attraction in London drawing millions of visitors every year. Keeping away all the technical words, it is an over-sized ferry wheel carrying people on an elegant journey in space-age pods to 135 meters above the beautiful Thames and brings back down again.

Tip: On clear days, Windsor Castle can be seen

<strong>Tower of London</strong>
Tower of London

Tower of London

Tower of London is located in central London offering a chance to see River Thames. Tower of London is an historic old castle that was a royal residence and was used later as a prison from 1100 to 1952. The Tower of London is important to be in command of the country.

Tip: Make early reservations.

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds in London is a well-known wax museum set up in 1884 by Marie Tussaud, the wax sculptor and is operated by Merlin Entertainments now on Marylebone Road. This is a major tourist attraction point as it displays the waxworks or historical royal figures, film stars, world leaders and sports stars in life sizes.

Tip: Book tickets, save time and avoid queuing

The Shard

This is the second tallest building in the entire UK. It is 95-storey. It features two observatories, on the ground and top floor each. There are hotels, residences, offices and retail shops that it is a top tourist attraction. It offers 360° views and is the best vantage points. I enjoyed the spaces of silent disco nights. This is certainly a photo opportunity.

British Museum
British Museum

British Museum

British Museum is dedicated to human culture and history dating back to centuries. This was established in 1753 and is an historic symbol for over 260 years. It has 10 departments featuring galleries and that includes the British Empire footprints and legacy to science, arts and technology. It is worth visiting to know the human evolution legacy rise and fall of even the greatest empires.

London Zoo

Walking through an enclosure watching gives goose bumps for sure, yet you can pass the Lions land closer than ever before and watch the lemurs running in front of you.

Buckingham palace

A wonderful chance to, glimpse regal opulence and also to get inside. The Queen’s Gallery gives an opportunity to can see her personal treasures and paintings. If possible visit in August and September.

Tip: Check for special tours that are available when the queen is away from home.

London is the most diverse and exciting cities and is the most visited cities in the world. Few important points that is valuable for any tourist:

  • Maintain right attitude. Speak at a reasonable volume, value the rich heritage and enjoy cultural differences. Thank you and Please are sure to go a long way, adhere to basic manners.
  • Londoners are reserved by nature; they are focused on their doing and going. They are helpful, but do not start your conversation. This is not any Bollywood movie. If you can, make friends or social contacts before landing here, it may be helpful.
  • Dress like Londoners such as men in jeans, sweaters and women in jeans and casual clothes. Avoid being a fun-stock.
  • Get maps of the mini size or pocket sized atlas featuring every direction, literally it will guide you through every street, square, road and lane.
  • Public transportation is extensive. The underground is the Tube and in any of the Tube Station, buy an Oyster card. It allows unlimited travel for seven days on buses and Tube. Rush hour bus timing is 8 am to 9.30 am and 4.30 to 6 pm.
  • Taxis are in two types; minicabs and black cabs. Black cabs are expensive London taxis and minicabs require advance booking, it costs less, ideal for long journeys.

Dining out in London restaurants offers incredible choices. You can find finest Indian restaurant to street corner kebab take away. Queensway has Moroccan to Afghan cuisine, Chinatown in Soho is the best for Chinese food and Edgware Road is ideal for Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Bob Bob Ricard

“Soda” this term does not refer soft drinks, so specify Cola, Pepsi or 7 UP. Carbonated drinks are referred to as fizzy drinks.

Plan your itinerary. Do not miss a music scene, green spaces and parks. Of course, a must-visit is the finest shops and high end boutiques. Check with dress codes in some shops. Go to a theatre on Wednesday or Thursday, say earlier by 30 minutes and enjoy a good seat at your expected price. This is not over, there are lots more to know and cover in London, stay tuned.

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