You Need An Expandable Garden Hose ASAP This Summer

Prepare for your mind to be blown.

There comes a time in every 20- and 30-something-year-old’s life when they are suddenly, without explanation, thinking about garden hoses. And how to keep squirrels away from flowers. And, you know, how to most effectively cut the lawn.

Suddenly, all those things your parents were worrying about when you were growing up about are somehow your worries, too. Luckily for all of us, though, there are much more effective and convenient household tools around these days than there were for our parents.

Take garden hoses, for example. Thanks to expandable hoses, that boring chore of struggling to coil and wind a giant garden hose into a tiny pile is no more. There are a ton of expandable hoses on the market, but there is one that seems to be a particular fan favorite.

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Meet the Jiaro 2022 50-foot expandable garden hose.
The best thing about this hose is that it’s long enough to cover every single corner of your backyard but only takes up a fraction of the space. It can expand from 16 feet to 50 feet when water is flowing. According to reviews, you don’t have to worry about it being too bulky or taking up too much space when it’s coiled up, either.

As one happy customer wrote: “This hose is what you need! It's not all bulky and laying bunched up because you can't roll it tight enough due to the material... This hose is compact and flattens down and comes with the piece to wrap the hose around and hang up when finished. It stretches all the way from one side of my yard to almost the other side. It comes with a spray nozzle and thread tape .. you won't be disappointed I'm pretty sure of that!!”
It's extremely lightweight and takes up no space at all.
One of the most annoying aspects of a traditional rubber hose is just how heavy it can be. This one is less than 6 pounds, making it easy to use no matter your age or physical limitations. Customers also agree it makes it much easier to manipulate and maneuver around the house or a large yard.

One person wrote: “The item was delivered quickly. The hose is so lightweight and functioned as it claimed it would when I ordered it. So much better than having to drag two 50 foot rubber hoses up to a second floor balcony to use. When your job is complete the hose drains easily and returns to its original, lightweight size. So easy!!
It's got nine different spray patterns.
Angle, shower, soaker, full, mist, flat, cone, center or jet -- take your pick.

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