Tattoo Duo Transforms Skin Into Canvas With Incredibly Intricate Cubist Illustrations

Imagine if Georges Braque paired up with Max Ernst, or Fernand Léger decided to join forces with Dorothea Tanning, but instead of collaborating on mere Cubist or Surrealist paintings, the couples opted to open a renegade tattoo shop and start inking patrons with equal bits of the mundane and bizarre. This art historical fantasy has a foundation in reality. Enter the very real art duo -- Jade Tomlinson and Kev James.

Based in London, Tomlinson and James also go by the name Expanded Eye. Together, they specialize in custom tattoos that "evolve organically" from a person's own life details into "a contemporary piece of art." In fact, they urge customers to stay out of the aesthetic process, and instead "focus on what you want your tattoo to represent" in terms of concepts and stories.

"We are a free-thinking multidisciplinary duo inspired by life, the universe and beyond," the duo writes online. "From sculpture, painting and street art, to illustration and tattoo, our fascination with the cosmos, consciousness and the mystical is expressed through our creations."

Check out a preview of Expanded Eye's designs below. For more on the impressive inked work available on Instagram, read our past post here.

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