Expectations Rising For Sarah Palin's Debate Performance

ABC captures what seems to be a newly emerging CW on Sarah Palin's debate prospects, at least among savvy political journalists. Jake Tapper:

it is a mistake to think that the Gov. Sarah Palin who you've seen in recent interviews is the one who will show up for the debate tomorrow night.

As Kate Snow nicely illustrated on Good Morning America this morning, Palin was quite impressive in her 2006 gubernatorial performances.

Here's Kate Snow's piece:

Tapper also cited the video I put together from Palin's previous debates, which he said "show her to be pretty on the ball -- sharp, concise, smart."

Update: Andrew Sullivan says the real test for Palin is a press conference.

She can debate when she knows what she's talking about...She can follow a script, she can repeat canned answers. We know that. What we need to find out is if she knows anything about national and international policy issues. Only a press conference will do that.