Expense Account Meals: Starbucks, McDonald's Top List Of Restaurants Most Frequently Charged To Employers

American employees seem to consider sugar and coffee worthy investments. According to a report released by Certify, an expense and travel management company, Starbucks is the most-expensed restaurant in the U.S.

New York Daily News writes that workers expensed nearly 21,000 transactions at the coffee and pastry establishment, with average purchases costing $7.54.

Perhaps the reason why Starbucks is written off so frequently is the relatively low price of coffee when compared to an entire lunch. Or maybe workers believe the energy surge they experience after downing a latte is a positive contribution to their place of employment.

Starbucks had almost twice as many expense transactions than the second-place restaurant, McDonald's. Over 12,000 transactions averaging $6.73 each were spent at the chain. Subway was frequently written off too, with over 8,000 transactions averaging $11.88. Panera Bread had fewer expense transactions, but the bills were pricier, averaging around $19.00 each.

Fast food establishments dominate the list. New York Times reporter Ann Carrns chalks this up to the long hours, early mornings and late nights worked on business trips. She ate at Olive Garden twice on a recent work trip because nowhere else was open by the time she finished working.

Certify's chief executive Bob Neveu echos her analysis: "The dollar amounts are more indicative of business traveler grabbing something on the go. They’re not taking clients there. It’s an individual running between planes, grabbing something quick.”



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