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10 Sweaters That Will Make You Want To Declare War On Christmas

WASHINGTON -- It's the holiday season, which means there's a good chance that the gift from your random uncle or cousin is going to be a sweater.

Holiday sweaters can be hideously ugly, which is why some people choose to host ugly holiday sweater parties. It's fun to laugh at how badly different patterns and fabric can be arranged, we guess. What's troubling is how much money some of these ugly holiday sweaters can cost.

The Huffington Post's D.C. Bureau, on a recent slow news day, decided to find the worst deals possible on holiday sweaters. We had strict criteria. A sweater had to be pricey. It also had to have some sort of holiday theme, which meant that these outrageously expensive sweaters (this for $1,375, this for $1,165, this for $652.79, this for $1,625, and this for $480.60) didn't make the cut.

In addition, the sweater couldn't be a deliberately ugly gag garment. It had to be a true, commercial offering. In the end, we found 10 solid candidates to present to HuffPost readers. Give us your feedback. Find one we missed. Show us your own hideous holiday sweater.

Contributing reporting: Luke Johnson, Christina Wilkie, Amanda Terkel, Ryan J. Reilly, Jennifer Bendery, Zach Carter, Kate Sheppard, Mollie Reilly, Emily Swanson, Laura Bassett, Adriana Usero, Eliot Nelson, Sabrina Siddiqui, Ashley Alman, Arin Greenwood, Ariel Edwards-Levy, Jason Cherkis, Nick Wing.

Moschino Appliqued Wool Turtleneck Sweater: $695
This features a gingerbread man with actual metal earrings that hang off the sweater. It's now on sale for $280. What a deal. LINK
Topshop 'Present' Sequin Ribbon Sweater: $100
Wear this to a party, tell people, "my presence is presents enough," and never get invited anywhere again. LINK
Polo Ralph Lauren Wool Shawl Collar Cardigan: $998
For just under $1,000 you probably shouldn't have to wonder if your sweater is actually a small bathrobe. LINK
Meadham Kirchhoff Holiday Sweater: $1,395
It's now a steal for just $499.97. Still, we just aren't sure why you'd want to be dressed like a cross between Rudolph's nose and a Christmas tree with ornaments all over you. LINK
Ringo Gingerbread Man Sweater: $244
Looking for something to wear around the house? Want something you can wear only one month out of the entire year? Here's the sweater for you. LINK
Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater: $295
You can get a blue Ralph Lauren sweater for around $75. So that preppy bear print costs you about $220. LINK
Austique Markus Lupfer Santa Claus Jumper Black Sweater: 270 Euros
It's just a touch too creepy, especially at that price tag. LINK
Polo Ralph Lauren Zip Up: $398
This is a fine holiday sweater, but are those dueling whales on the front? Now on sale for $280. LINK
Volcom "Knogger" Print Crewneck Sweater: $69.50
What are the four snowmen doing here? LINK
Wildfox Couture Baby Christmas Tree Sweater: $297
Again, have fun wearing this one time a year for one year. LINK