Listen To Firsthand Accounts Of The Stonewall Riots In Augmented Reality

Fed up with years of abuse and oppression, the LGBTQ community fought back after a police raid. RYOT has creatively reimagined the events that took place in June 1969.

When the NYPD barged into the Stonewall Inn arresting LGBTQ patrons on June 28, 1969, they did not expect the community to fight back. But fed up with years of abuse and oppression, that’s exactly what the community did ― rioting and occupying the streets into the early morning hours.

Today, 50 years later, RYOT creatively reimagines a scene in front of the Stonewall Inn on that fateful night in full augmented reality. The team built a digital Stonewall Inn, complete with five different characters who share their stories, culled from decades’ worth of interviews. As users walk around the space and tap on each “play” icon, they’ll hear the various stories and perspectives from those who were there. These historical figures include Sylvia Rivera, Raymond Castro, Yvonne Ritter, Lucian K. Truscott IV, and Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine.

Experience the Stonewall Riots in AR

To access the immersive experience, view this article on the latest version of the HuffPost iOS app using an iPhone 6S or newer. Content is not compatible with Android.

Instructions to see the Stonewall Experience:

  • Tap on the image to open the experience.
  • Next, your phone will need to find out where the floor is. Bring your phone close the floor and move it from side to side several times.
  • When your phone finds the floor, you will see a transparent object. Tap on the screen to 'stick' the object to the floor. You will then see the whole 3D object in front of you.
  • Walk around the 3D object.
  • Tap on the play buttons to start and stop sound

Thank you CyArk for providing the Stonewall Inn model, with a special thanks to Iron Mountain. We would also like to thank PlayHybrid for the environment, character and engineering design.

Audio recordings of Raymond Castro, Yvonne Ritter, Lucian K. Truscott IV and Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine provided by WGBH Media Library & Archives. Audio recordings of Sylvia Rivera courtesy of Making Gay History. Find the Making Gay History podcast on all major podcast platforms and at

RYOT Credits:

  • Executive Producers: Jake Sally & Josh Gold
  • Producers: Eric Day & Fabrizio Alliata
  • Director: Fabrizio Alliata
  • Business Affairs: Benjamin Procter
  • Business Development: Ceren Ates
  • Sound Design: Erik Lohr
  • CG Content Lead: Guenever Goik
  • Art Director: Ricky Baba
  • Head of Studio Engineering: Colleen O’Hagan
  • Head of Product Engineering: Herve Bizira
  • Project Manager: Daryl Chong
  • Article Written By: Alexander Seedman
  • Archival Producer: Shanti Avirgan

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