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Expert Advice on How to Improve your Foyer

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When it comes to creating a sense of flow and a well organized environment, having a well-defined entry foyer is critical. When the foyer is distinct from the rest of the home it provides a sense of orientation creating a sense of ease and comfort within the space - one knows exactly from where one is entering and leaving. Whether your home and budget is large or small, here are six pointers to help you create a well-defined entry.

2016-12-06-1481000271-167332-Foyer1.png(Photo by David Estreich)

1. Wall Color: Use color to create a dramatic entry. Paint the first wall you see upon entering your home to achieve a striking look. This may be accomplished even if you have only a partial wall rather than formal entry space. Paint that section an accent color separate from the rest of the area to create definition.

2016-12-06-1481000376-1054182-Foyer2.png(Photo by David Estreich)

2. Ceiling Décor: Creating an interesting ceiling design helps to designate the foyer area below. Using either paint or plaster, creating a ceiling design that makes the the entry distinct creates a visual signaling that it is an area unto itself. A plaster or bas-relief on a ceiling will make the space feel highly individualized even though it may simply be a continuation of the ceiling from another area.

2016-12-06-1481000476-5199783-Foyer3.png(Photo by David Estreich)

3. Walls: Building a special area through the use of full or partial walls physically defines the entry. The wall doesn't even have to be made of sheetrock; any material or structure that creates a strong sense of partition (even a bookcase) can work! By sectioning off a part of the entry, you are creating a space unto itself distinct from the rest of the home or apartment. It is a more formal approach but a clear method in which to define the space.

2016-12-06-1481000558-9485673-Foyer4.png(Photo by David Estreich)

4. Glass Block: Glass blocks are not distinctly dividing or bridging elements but when built up to simulate a wall, they do exactly that! Unlike other surfaces, which distinguish what lies in front and behind, it also allows for the permeation of light. It's a perfect solution for the home that has limited natural light because it actually captures and enhances the light that is available.

2016-12-06-1481000674-692114-Foyer5.png(Photo by David Estreich)

5. Furniture: Don't have the budget to create a wall or ceiling medallion nor the inclination to start painting? A simple furniture vignette can be created by group together several pieces of furniture, forming a story. It serves as a statement that this is the place of entry. If you have a console table, a chair, a mirror or painting, these few elements placed proportionally together will create a more formalized entry foyer effect.

2016-12-06-1481000767-3905719-Foyer6.png(Photo by David Estreich)

6. Architectural Details: Niches are special elements that, though often small, make a big impact. In this case, a niche will alert you that this space is special. The simple addition of a vase and flower stem is an aesthetically pleasing detail that draws your eye. You can enhance this drama by adding a painting or piece of sculpture lit by a light above. And, lastly, the niche may be further emphasized by painting the back wall of the indent a darker or contrasting color.

2016-12-06-1481000900-6192939-Foyer7.png(Photo by David Estreich)

A strong entry is a wonderful asset to your home because it creates a sense of place and equanimity. It provides a feeling of structure and organization from which all other areas of the house or apartment flow. Instead of walking into one large undefined space, an entry foyer helps one feel oriented and gives a sense of purpose and organization. It lets you know you have arrived home!
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