Experts Explain Why Boyfriend's Rules For College Girlfriend Are Red Flags

Experts Explain Why Boyfriend's Rules For College Girlfriend Are Red Flags

This text message, allegedly sent from a guy who is laying down rules while his girlfriend is away at college, went viral after being posted on Reddit:

“NO BOYS. NO DRINKING. NO BOYS. NO DRINKING. NO BOYS. NO DRINKING. Please be smart alright. I know you will dang it but please be smart,” the poster, identified as “Hot Stud Muffin,” begins. “This is really hard for me because I’ve always been a tremendously good person and have never gone to a party. When I text you, you are to answer. The party is not and will not ever be more important than me. You better know what you are doing. Please don’t do anything to ruin us. I know you won’t but a reminder never hurt. Around 9:30 text me when you’ll be home. Have fun. I love you bunches. I don’t know why I allow this but whatever go. NO BOYS. NO DRINKING. And I love you. And you’re calling me tonight and I’m getting every detail.”

Stacy Kaiser, a psychotherapist, shares her reaction in the video above from The Doctors. “What I see is an inappropriate relationship. My daughter just went off to college. She has a boyfriend. If she got that text, I would literally be like, ‘Run! You are not allowed to see him anymore. Delete him from your phone,’” she says. “Part of what I think has to happen is that in your college years, those are your practice relationships. If you’re staying in a relationship for practice where someone is trying to control you, that just means that moving onward you’re going to be in a controlling relationship and those relationships never work.”

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