Here's A Great Way To Explain What It Means To Be Gay To Kids

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It’s been one year since our favorite queer web series for kids launched with an episode breaking down gay identity for kids.

In the months since, creator Lindsey Amer and her sidekick Teddy have become an invaluable resource, unpacking LGBTQ themes and experiences in ways that are both educational and accessible for kids. In celebration of the “Queer Kid Stuff” one-year anniversary, Amer is releasing a remastered version of the first episode explaining what it means to be gay.

“I originally started making queer work for kids through theater,” Amer told HuffPost. “I wanted to make work that would have help me as a confused little queer kid trying to navigate the world. One day, I decided to google ‘what does gay mean?’ and all that turned up was a dictionary definition and a few resources for parents and teachers, but there was nothing there to help kids answer that question themselves. I wanted to provide that resource so that kids can learn about the world around them through a diverse and queer-inclusive perspective.”

Congrats on one year of crucial and successful videos! Haven’t seen other episodes of “Queer Kid Stuff”? Head here.



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