'Exploding Kittens' Card Game Is Probably The Next 'Cards Against Humanity'

Cats against humanity.

After just 20 minutes on Kickstarter, a card game known as "Exploding Kittens" had been reached its $10,000 goal. Within an hour, its backing was at 1000 percent of that goal. Within seven hours, it had reached $1 million, and now, a day later, the backing is at $1.8 million and still rising. To say this game will likely be a success would be stating the obvious.

The game, created by Elan Lee and Shane Small, both of XBox Entertainment Studios, and Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal, starts you off with a 56-card deck (good enough for four players) and is filled with hilariously drawn kittens and lasers and "weaponized enchiladas" and other awesomely bizarre ways to outplay your opponents. It's a Russian roulette style of gameplay, whereby the object is to ultimately avoid drawing an exploding kitten card, and remain the last human standing.

Your dream involving a kitty launching a nuclear strike is finally here.



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