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Exploding Toilet At GSA Building; Employee Says 'I Am Scared To Pee' In Email

There was a lot of potty talk by government workers after toilets exploded in a federal building last year, sending one woman to the hospital.

"I am scared to pee," was the subject of an email sent by one employee in the General Services Administration, according to a probe of the infamous john incident by MuckRock.

There was reason to worry. "DO NOT flush toilets or use any domestic water," stated an internal GSA memo leaked to media after flying porcelain fragments injured two workers in the September blowup in Washington, D.C.

Decrepit pipes filled with air, causing the plumbing explosion, according to other emails cited by MuckRock.

Water cooler conversation was dominated by the bathroom blast. "Check out this story about my building," gushed an employee in another email. "Who was this???," wondered a worker about the unlucky lady who got hurt, MuckRock said.