Exploration And Imagination As Major Sources Of Creativity


No doubt that creativity is important in our everyday activities. It helps get out of the ordinary, of the routine. Creativity brings a spark to life and can make it more interesting and exciting. With the help of creativity we can come up with new ideas and approaches to different things, - thus, creativity is the main source of development and innovation. But why do some people get creative easily and naturally and for some people it is much harder to get out of the prescribed notions and the routine? Why are some people bursting with new ideas every minute and are willing to change the world for better, while others get stuck in an everyday routine and find it difficult to get out of it? I believe the main reason lies in the level of creativity development. The children who were encouraged to do creative things, play original games grow up with the creative spirit and never lose it during adulthood; children who were not involved in creative tasks get less lucky and, thus, might find it difficult to get out of the mundane. But it's never too late to learn something new and start getting creative. The two important things that can assist in developing a creative spirit are an exploration and imagination.

Our whole planet, the Earth is not only amazingly beautiful, - it's the ideal source of exploration. One can hardly find something so perfect and magnificent as our planet is. There are different ways of how we can explore our universe (and, of course, encourage the children to do so).

Remember how children at a certain age start asking questions starting with "why?" "Why is the sky blue? Why is there a day and night? Why is the snow white?" And so on. These are not as easy questions to answer as they might seem at first sight. If you have the children you should always address those enquiries. Such questions make the mind regularly work and continue exploring the world around us. It's good not to lose that child in you and constantly ask yourself and others different questions regarding everything that's happening around you. Being an adult doesn't mean you know everything, - besides, the world is continually changing and only by asking questions you'll be able to view and understand those changes and come up with some innovative ideas.

Never miss the opportunity to see and explore the stars and the moon on a night sky. You can choose a nice beginner telescope for yourself, a fun telescope for kids and spend the nights with your friends and children watching the beautiful stars, asterisms, constellations you already know about, and then, who knows, you might be the next discoverer of some constellations we are not aware of. Besides, exploring the sky will significantly fuel your imagination. The same is true about underwater exploration. Get reliable underwater equipment and move on to a new adventure!

Always find the time for reading. Encourage children to read fairy-tales, read them yourself and never stop doing it when you are an adult. You can explore every genre in literature, from historical novels to philosophical ones, - and try to read the authors from different time periods. Via books we can learn how our ancestors lived, what they did in life and what problems faced. Books are also the largest source of knowledge and imagination.

Creativity can be developed via different methods and techniques, and you can find your unique procedures for its blooming, - just never forget to continue to fuel your imagination by exploring the wonders of the universe.