See 54 Years Of Internet History In One Cool Timeline

Connecting billions of devices, machines, sensors and appliances to the Internet could generate tremendous economic value and introduce new security and privacy risks. This expanding “Internet of Things” didn’t come out of nowhere, though, as a new interactive timeline of over one hundred events created by University of Washington professor Phil Howard and graphic designer Judit Szakács shows. You can explore the embed below* or view it in a new window to dig in.

Credit for the research behind it goes to Bálint Balázs, Luis Cano, Roxana Damian, Tautvydas Juskauskas, Eszter Kajtár, Atila Mester, Radka Pudilova, Erjon Qirollari, Marija Stojanovska Rupcic, Justina Vaikutyte, and Giang Vu.

*This article has been updated to remove the embed, which is no longer available. The timeline can still be viewed on its host site.