Explosion Blows LA Firefighters Off Their Feet, Caught On Camera (VIDEO)

Who knew a manhole could be so dangerous? In the shocking KCAL video above, an explosion from a manhole blows a Los Angeles fire caption and a fellow firefighter off their feet.

“I consider myself very, very lucky,” said Captain David Wolf. “The next thing I remember I was in the dirt, a kind of flower bed, across from the sidewalk."

The close call happened Sunday night when the firefighters responded to a smoking manhole in Yorba Linda. After an electrical equipment vault exploded, Wolf was reportedly thrown 10 feet in the air.

Wolf said he was looking down at a small fire in the vault and, "The next thing I know is that when my firemen was kind of dragging me. I found out later it was my firemen. I didn’t know, but somebody had picked me up from the back of my coat and dragged me,” he said.

After Wolf watched the video of the accident, he responded, "Thank the man upstairs, He had a better plan for me."