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Exposed Glass Shower In Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Has Neighbors Pretty Peeved (VIDEO) (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Aug. 20 -- They say that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Which goes double when you're throwing stones at people in glass showers.

An article in New York Magazine has exposed recent agitation over a shower stall in Cobble Hill as much ado about nothing. Apparently, the shower is under construction and there will be "privacy coverings" to well, you know, cover things.


The characters on "Friends" didn't really seem to mind their naked neighbor. But in real life, one community isn't thrilled with the thought of being able to see their nearby residents in the nude.

According to CBS 2 News, people of the Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York are annoyed after one couple built an exposed glass shower overlooking their backyard. "I don't think it's appropriate, especially in a neighborhood where a lot of kids go to school just down the block," one local told the news station.

The structure is indeed transparent and one would be able to see quite a show if they looked up from a neighboring yard. But what is unclear is who the owners of the townhouse are. The Daily Mail is reporting the house belongs to Julie Scelfo, a home and design reporter for The New York Times and her husband James Cavoli. What's funny is, Scelfo once wrote a piece about neighbors spying on each.

We personally think it was well-designed, although, we do recommend the couple getting some sort of curtain, you know, to keep the peace.

Watch the video above to see more from CBS 2 and head over to the Daily Mail for more information.

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