Exposing Congressional Aides Who Become Lobbyists

Hey, the wacky kids at Sunlight Foundation have a new program, checking out aides to former senators and representatives who wind up as professional lobbyists. This is the "revolving door" thing, of concern since some staffers, working for shadowy politicians, might do more damage as lobbyists.

Well, Sunlight now has a program tracking 'em, called Where are They Now?, asking everyone to verify if the former aides are now entrenched as lobbyists. That doesn't necessarily make 'em bad; everyone has the possibility of redemption.

Anyway, seems like a good thing to contribute, so I tracked down and verified that the chiefs of staff for two of the more suspicious politicians -- Santorum and Delay. (check for "cnewmark" in both.)

Turns out one's at a telecom, one's at a pharmaceutical. That's not necessarily bad, but does smell funny.

We always want to give people a break... but check it out.

Disclaimer: since they do such good stuff, I've joined the board of Sunlight.