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Exposing Racism: A Worthwhile Thing To Do

I was surprised by some of the comments that accompanied my recent post regarding the racially charged column in the Independent, on Long Island.
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I was surprised by some of the comments that accompanied my recent post regarding the racially charged column in the Independent, on Long Island.

First, I don't see how anyone can ask, "Why reprint this? They pulled it from their website." So, essentially, leave it alone? Well, why bother doing anything worthwhile? Why vote? Why go to church or school? Why learn the violin or read a book? We expose racism, real racism, because it is a worthwhile thing to do. This was not written by some private citizen in a private communication. This man is the publisher of one of two important newspapers in that area.

Why reprint it after they pulled it and tried to hide it? Because I think people have every right to examine the editorial handiwork of this group of people. In that area, they are the mouthpiece of conservatives and Republicans. Don't you believe that conservatives and Republicans in the area have a right to try to influence what this paper does before the paper hurts the local conservative political agenda?

Second, people commented that I posted this to help Hillary. Although, if I spend some time trying to digest the X-Files logic of that, I might get it, right now I don't. Who am I supporting? Who cares. Who are you supporting?...that's all that counts.

Lastly, many comments attacked my depiction of East Hampton as a small town. Guess is. I have lived in East Hampton since 1982 and bought my first home there in 1987. Although the Main Street section of the Village has been clearly "Aspenized", with high-end stores that bring too much 212 to the East End, East Hampton is most assuredly a small town. If you have never lived there year round, you would never understand

The town and Village governments are seated with people who are long-time residents of the area. In spite of the influx of overwhelming numbers of visitors every summer, none of those people do much more than spend money, give to charity, enjoy tennis, golf and the beach, then go home after Labor Day. Few of them even vote out there. The people who run the town are the year-rounders, the local people who bid the Summer people a hasty good-bye come Labor Day.

Also, the Republican party apparatus in the area is a bare-knuckle bunch, a dedicated and tough group who put forth their candidates each election and fight hard for them to win. Rick Murphy does not represent them. Murphy's article is not representative of the Republicans I know in East Hampton. Murphy wrote that article for the dozen or so other eighth-degree black-belt morons who read his column and who think he is on to something. Then, like a little punk, he tried to hide it and make it go away. They impeached Clinton for something like that.

My friends and neighbors in East Hampton, at its heart, a small town, deserve better than what Della Femina publishes.

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