'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing'

Whether we are loud-mouthed or shy, extroverts or introverts, whether we have an inept ability to communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions or not, we all have a voice inside of us.
03/28/2013 03:04pm ET | Updated May 28, 2013
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Here we are already closing out March. Three months into 2013, 14 days into being 37 years old and I feel like it is finally all starting to come together. My vision, my purpose, my heart's song, all in tune. Today, I am singing and the amplifiers are turned up!

Last week, I wrote about fear and judgment, and I was thrilled to see people commenting in defense of themselves, introverts and people with social anxiety. Awesome! One particular person made his comment public on my website and for that, cheers to you, John! I had mentioned in a reply that "the world may be missing out on what you have to offer" and so it was. John's comment: "You're right -- everyone has a voice. We just have different amplifiers!" Thank you John for putting yourself out there, YOU inspired me!

My husband and I are always volleying back and forth, harmlessly teasing each other. He often refers to me as LT, which is short for Loud Talker. I will always smile and say, "Well, thank you babe!" taking it as a compliment. As I talk, I get louder and most times, tend to pick up speed. A conversation between my sister and I is quite entertaining and sounds more like Alvin and the Chipmunks on speed. I owe this all to my passion about whatever I am speaking about at that time, to my uncontrollable ADD and having to get the thought out before I lose it forever, and to growing up an Enwright. Imagine a bunch of first-generation old school LTs, all passionate about their views whether wrong or right, all vying for the microphone. Family gatherings do not only blow your mind but your eardrums too! Needless to say, my amplifier is always turned on.

I know people who are beautiful inside and out, people who have a smile as big as their heart and a laugh to match, people who would do most anything for anyone. Their song is beautiful! Probably something like Sheryl Crow's "All I Wanna Do," but try to dig a little deep, put them in the middle of a social circle or at a public event, and the spark in their eye fades and REM and Johnny Cash are going head to head for an unplugged version of "Everybody Hurts."

Whether we are loud-mouthed or shy, extroverts or introverts, whether we have an inept ability to communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions or not, we all have a voice inside of us. But exactly as John insinuated, some of our amplifiers may just not be that loud. A voice can be heard, seen and felt. There is a voice in action, as well as standing on a soapbox. As a mom and a LT, I try to teach my children to speak up, to convey their feelings and thoughts and to not be shy. I purposefully do not impress my opinions and feelings on them but try to listen and nurture their heart's song. As parents, we are our children's advocate. We are here to speak for them if need be. As human beings, we have a natural tendency to be advocates for those less fortunate. As the mother of a son with Down syndrome, I thought I was using my voice, singing my song to pave the way for him in hopes of continued acceptance. What I have learned is my song has no genre.

What is it that moves you to be heard? Is it you or someone else's despair, a family or friend's passion? A vision of a better place? Anger, equality, injustice? What are we, as a collective people, missing out on because your song is not being sung? Are you a painter, a writer, a musician? Do you have a thought that may provoke change? An idea, invention?

I don't claim to know all the answers. Heck, I'm lucky if I even know where my car keys are. However, I think I have become quite the expert on me and somehow keeping it all peacefully in tune while juggling this crazy circus. (I prefer carnival over circus, but it wasn't as eloquent. Come on, cotton candy over peanuts, rides over animals, outdoors over Big Top -- there really is no competition.) I believe we all have a desire for peace, love and happiness internally, eternally. I have found this and want to share it like Paul Revere's "The British are coming!" Listen, learn and love your song! Then sing it! It is your voice, amplified or acoustic!

PS: I wonder if we all sang our songs together if it would be in perfect harmony. Hmmm?

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