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Here's What To Do With That Extra Conditioner In Your Bathroom


• Conditioner has game-changing uses beyond moisturizing your locks.
• You can use excess conditioner to wash your delicates.
• Why not swap out your shaving cream!

Ever wondered what to do when you run out of shampoo but still have a half-full bottle of conditioner? Us too.

Believe it or not, this far-too-common problem has many solutions, one of which is NOT render it useless the moment it's without its sudsy counterpart.

Good Housekeeping's Carolyn E. Forté, Director of Home Appliances and Cleaning Products, says that conditioner has many game-changing uses beyond moisturizing your locks.

Scroll through the hacks list below to learn more.

1. Use it to hand wash sweaters and other delicate fabrics.

Just like it soothes your strands, conditioner can soften the fibers of fragile clothing materials. Add a few drops to the rinse water when you manually wash your clothing and you'll find your garments much softer when dry.

2. Use it to tame static.

According to Forté, conditioner can help manage static on clothing items like tights, skirt liners and other thin fabrics. Coat your hands with a thin layer of conditioner and run over the static material to fix the problem on the spot.

3. Use it when you run out of shaving cream.

Conditioner makes a great makeshift shaving cream in pinch. Conditioner's hydrating formula helps protect the skin against irritation and razor burn.

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