The Most Extravagant Wedding We've Seen Took Place In Vegas, Because Of Course

As much as we want to roll our eyes at this ridiculous, over-the-top Las Vegas wedding, part of us wishes we had scored an invite.

Houston couple Pankaj and Avnie Malani -- a businessman and physician's assistant, respectively -- tied the knot in front of roughly 580 friends and family during their October 2013 wedding weekend extravaganza. A 19-minute video of the opulent affair was uploaded to Vimeo recently.

A pre-wedding celebration took place at The Cosmopolitan hotel. The ceremony and a Great Gatsby-themed reception took place at the Bellagio, also on the Las Vegas Strip. The groom even rode an elephant up the Bellagio driveway to the ceremony.

When asked about the budget for the weekend-long affair, Pankaj declined to provide a number.

"There are definitely people who are going to say it's over-the-top. Indian weddings traditionally are," he told The Huffington Post. "No matter what your means are, everyone goes a little bit outside of them. It's just the way our culture is about weddings."

Pankaj continued, "You're always going to have people, when you do something that sticks out, that are not going to be fans of it. I understand that some people would like a mild, smaller thing -- to each his own. But we wanted to do something that was just fun and unique. [We weren't] trying to show off or anything like that."

For more on their lavish wedding, watch the video above.

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