Extreme Collaboration

It's always been interesting to me that humans are likely the only species that tend not to accept change as part of the natural cycle of life. Nature teaches us that change is necessary for birth, death, rebirth - that it is absolutely needed for growth and for evolution. Humans often struggle to see the gift that comes with change - especially when that change is difficult, uncomfortable and/or undesirable. We've been so conditioned to fear the unknown, that we've dulled our ability to realize the potentiality that comes from the unknown.

For myself, change is what is absolutely needed in the world today to evolve us into being better versions of ourselves. I believe there is enormous potential if we move from our pervasive "separation mentality" to a mentality of "extreme collaboration".

We've separated society in every unhealthy way we can imagine....race, religion, gender, politics, environment...the list goes on. Somehow we've become more comfortable simplifying the world into "OR" labels of good/bad, right/wrong, this/that, have's/have not's, me/you, us/them. These mindsets of separation have resulted in too many silos, protectionism, focus on self-interests only, lack of sharing, and mistrust. Even worse, it generates the sense of a "fixed pie" and that we must fight for pieces of the pie for our survival.

In contrast, wouldn't it be an amazing world if we breathed life into the concept of an "abundance mindset". It holds the space open that we can make the pie MUCH bigger, and where there is plenty for everyone. What kind of phenomenal change would ensue if we took all our energies that we currently are using to be better than everyone else, and shifted them into bringing out the best in everyone? What an engaged world could we have if we greeted each other with..."how do I help you? and how do you help me?".

We have complex problems in the world today. We will solve them better TOGETHER. Technology has brought us an interconnectedness that brings an enormous opportunity for collaboration. My wish is that we not only embrace collaboration, but bump it up a level to "extreme collaboration". Where we don't just accept collaboration as necessary, but we actively seek it out. Where we don't just need to get what we want, but we want to get what we both want. Where we don't just share what information/knowledge is necessary, but we share everything because we realize that the more we see, the more we can appreciate, the more we can learn, and the more ideas we can generate together. I know many who tell me that I'm not realistic, that it will never work, and it's just a pipe dream - but I will suggest that the most extraordinary changes are going to come when we create possibilities that aren't realistic, that no one thinks can ever be done, or that it's just a crazy dream.

I'm an unabashed dreamer and possibility junkie. The fantastic future I envision is full of extreme collaboration. To me the face of the future has a smile on it, if we reconnect to our natural desire to be connected and to help each other. Diversity brings better solutions to the table. We are better together!