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'Extreme Cougar Wives': Mother Laments End Of Family Name As Son Dates 50-Year-Old Woman (VIDEO)

A family legacy faced extinction on the second of two "Extreme Cougar Wives" specials. Viewers were introduced to 27-year-old Desmond. He'd fallen in love with 50-year-old Sheri, but his family had no idea. So he threw a big party to introduce Sheri to his family. As anticipated, they were shocked by the age difference. But Desmond had an even bigger surprise lined up for them.

At the party, and in front of everyone, Desmond asked Sheri to marry him. His mother burst into tears, but not the happy kind of tears he probably would have preferred.

“I want him to have babies. My son carries the name," she explained. "His dad is deceased, his grandfather is deceased, his great-grandfather is deceased. It’s like, he’s the only boy left.”

The odds of Sheri, at 50-years old, being able to continue the family name were pretty slim. But when the couple appeared on "The View" to defend their May-December romance, Desmond said that things have changed at home.

“My mom and my family, they’re actually very supportive now," he said. "I know it was a huge shock, but, uh, yeah, they’re very supportive now. As long as I’m happy, they’re happy."

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