'Extreme Cougar Wives': 'Love Boat' Creator Turns Down 46-Year-Old Boyfriend's Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

TLC's "Extreme Cougar Wives" returned with another special, this one spotlighting 89-year-old Jeraldine Saunders. Jeraldine is the creator of "The Love Boat," and is currently dating her 46-year old boyfriend, Donaldo. But the couple actually met when Donaldo was much younger.

The former Mr. California first met Jeraldine at a luncheon when he was just 19-years old. While they didn't hook up then, they did keep in touch. The couple has been dating now for 11 years. With Jeraldine about to turn 90, Donaldo had a big surprise in store for her.

He threw her a big, blowout bash at their home. Then, he turned to her. "I just want to ask you if you will marry me," Donaldo said, pulling out a ring.

Jeraldine surprised herself by laughing, which she apologized for. Then she had to apologize again. "The only thing is, that I’m gonna have to say, 'No,'" Jeraldine told him.

She planted a big kiss on him and told him she didn't want to get married because their life together was already "so perfect." She did agree to keep the ring and be "engaged" to Donaldo, which he said he was good with. Perhaps some of the "perfect" she didn't want to mess up was the 12-hour sex sessions the couple bragged about.

Another "Extreme Cougar Wives" special is lined up for next Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on TLC.

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