These ‘Extreme Cut Out' Jeans Cost $168, But At Least They Have Pockets

Hole-y cow.
Carmar Denim

Have you ever looked at a pair of jeans and thought, “I wish these were just the seams”?

Well, do we have a pair of dungarees for you.

Carmar, a Los-Angeles based denim brand, is selling “extreme cut out” jeans that leave so little to the imagination that they seem beyond imagination.

Aside from the presumably very sturdy seams, the “relax fit” pants also come with belt loops, a zipper (ya know, in case you don’t want to just shift a thin denim strip aside to use the bathroom) and a $168 price tag.

Although the very expensive jeans’ very few features seem almost laughable, there is one aspect of the pants that people on Twitter found absolutely hilarious.

The trousers were also trashed on Reddit after a user saw them in a store and posted a photo.

Comment from discussion 168$ for this Jeans.

As odd as the pants may seem, however, it’s not the first time jeans of this ilk have made headlines. In fall 2017, “naked” jeans were featured on a runway in Tokyo.

And in case you were wondering where you could appropriately wear these jeans, Carmar offers a few suggestions on its Instagram page, like to a carnival (???!!!??):

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Or to the beach.

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Or, most logically, between two trees where you could easily hide.

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