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Extreme Ironing Proves That Some People Are Really Passionate About A Pressed Shirt (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This is one extreme sport that we could get into.

Extreme ironing? Yes, it's a thing. The "athletes" who compete in the sport lug their boards to dangerous points, like the top of a mountain, the middle of a busy street or deep into the ocean -- all in the name of a creaseless shirt.

And because we are laundry-obsessed ourselves, we flipped when we came across these photos of Redditor Kkrup at the top of a very tall and narrow rock formation in Lower Devil's Canyon in A.Z. who wrote, "About a year ago I sort of got into 'Extreme Ironing.' This is by far my best shot."

What are your most extreme cleaning moments? Tell us in the comments below, and click through the slideshow of 17 sports you didn't know existed.

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