Extreme Motorcyle Stunts Performed By Soldiers Preparing For India's 2012 Republic Day Parade (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

PHOTOS: Soldiers Practice Extreme Motorycle Stunts

India's Republic Day is a national holiday celebrated on Jan. 26 that commemorates the nation's adoption of a democratic constitution. With the event closing in, soldiers scheduled to perform in the Republic Day parade are currently working to perfect dangerous motorcycle stunts they'll performs alongside thousands of other participants including dancers, police officers, and schoolchildren.

The parade, which attracts thousands of spectators, is a particularly vulnerable target for militant organizations. Last year, security was particularly tight as separatist leaders called for a shutdown of the holiday to protest the hoisting of the Indian flag, NTD television reported.

In addition to the parade, Republic Day celebrations also include meetings with the guest of honor, usually a head of government from another country.

This year, the nation will be hosting Prime Minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra, who will celebrate Republic Day as part of a three-day official visit with Indian officials to discuss trade relations between the two nations.

Check out a slideshow of the soldiers' practice routine below:


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