Extreme Weather, Climate Events Timeline Maps Wildfires, Floods And Droughts (INFOGRAPHIC)

TIMELINE: 2012's Extreme Weather Events

As the Gulf Coast assesses damage from Hurricane Isaac, food prices take a hit from the Midwest drought and the West continues to battle wildfires, the World Resources Institute has compiled a timeline of some of the extreme weather and climate events that have hit the world so far in 2012.

As WRI's Kelly Levin notes, "While we have not performed analysis connecting any of these events to climate change, many of these occurrences are in line with what scientists have predicted in a warmer world. Plus, the science of attributing extreme events to human-induced warming has improved significantly."

Reports have emerged over the past few months connecting the dots between climate change and some extreme weather trends. This summer, as the U.S. experienced its hottest year ever recorded, NASA scientist James Hansen attributed past heat waves to global warming, and other scientists told AP that the year's droughts, storms and wildfires are "what global warming looks like at the regional or personal level."

Check out the World Resources Institute timeline below (Note: This list is not comprehensive, but rather highlights some of the significant events this year.)

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