Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

This weekend saw severe storms and tornadoes rip through several midwest states. By early Sunday morning, five people were reported dead in Oklahoma. The storms also caused damage in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska, reported the Associated Press.

Thurman, a town of 250 in western Iowa, was heavily damaged in the storms. Although no injuries or fatalities were reported in the town, "about 75 percent" of Thurman was destroyed.

A Kansas storm chaser whose car was lifted two feet off the ground told Reuters, "The tornado literally formed over our vehicle. "I've never been that scared in my life. ... We had power flashes all around us and debris circulating all around the vehicle, sheet metal, parts of a roof, plywood."

Earlier this week, two strong earthquakes shook western Mexico. Although the quakes could be felt in Mexico City, no injuries or major damage were reported.

Two other large earthquakes off the coast of Indonesia this week prompted tsunami warnings and fears of a repeat of 2004's disaster. The only wave to hit Indonesia's coast after Wednesday's earthquake was less than 30 inches high, reported AP.

It was revealed this week that dry, mild winter conditions have put almost 61 percent of the lower 48 states "in 'abnormally dry' or drought conditions," reported USA Today. With only two states, Ohio and Alaska, entirely free of "abnormally dry" conditions, drought levels are at their highest since September 2007.

Below, check out photos of extreme weather from around the world this week.