Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

As the New York area continues its recovery efforts a month after Superstorm Sandy, city officials report that over 12,000 New Yorkers "are trying to survive in unheated, flood-damaged homes, despite warnings that dropping temperatures could pose a health risk," reported the Associated Press. Along with colder temperatures, coastal residents are still inhabiting homes contaminated with mold and construction dust.

On the West Coast, Northern California experienced two major storms this week, causing flooding, transportation delays and power outages. Areas of Sonoma and Napa counties received over half a foot of rain, according to a National Weather Service forecaster.

In the U.S. Midwest, the persistent drought which has gripped the region for most of the year got worse this week, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor. With over half of the country's "pasture and rangeland rated in poor to very poor condition as of Oct. 31," reported Climate Central, the may be responsible for a 0.5 to one percent drop in U.S. GDP in 2012.

Earlier this week, a massive tornado hit the southern Italian city of Taranto, injuring 20 workers at a steel factory. "There have been a number of tornadoes in unusual parts of the world in the last couple of months," AccuWeather Enterprise Solution Senior Vice President Mike Smith said. "That is partly because there are no tornadoes occurring here [in the United States]. Because we have unusual high pressure over the U.S., there is low pressure in unusual areas on other parts of the hemisphere."

HuffPost UK reports, "This year's heavy downpours have led to four deaths, around £1 billion [$1.6 billion] worth of damage and hundreds of thousands of people in danger of losing their home insurance next year."

Below, find images of flooding in Britain and other extreme weather from around the world this week:

Extreme Weather Of The Week 12/2/2012